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so Christian tells Tara at the beginning of season 2 “lets not let anything get in between us” episode 5 Showcase, he makes fun of her not only in front of his friends, but also in front of a friend who happens to be another girl  “Keyla”….but then he expects Tara to do all the “right” things..i know that Tara should not have forced him to meet his dad in a way but he also should not be making false promises…sorry Christian your time is up

watching season 2 all over again, used to really like Christian, but his douche moves toward the end of the season just make me point out how selfish he is…maybe at the beginning Tara was annoying but the way he broke up with her and got together right away with Kat because it was “easier”..was douche-tastic!!

i know he has ISSUES what has happened to him was pretty terrible but now that i get to watch stuff back, Tara was really nice about things, she doesn’t want him to change,she just wants him to be better

regardless i hope his road trip with his dad helps and helps the relationship clear up..bc i felt like tara just wanted to get back with him bc of sammie’s death :(

GAWD!! cant wait for SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**tearing up**

watching dance academy while im studying and i just gone done watching the “love and war” episode when sammie brings everyone together to effing cute!! (so i teared up for sure)

i really like christian and kat!!! and BEN and TARA!!!!..they better not be ending every season with the same..”will christian and tara get together??” bc they’ve already broken up TWICE..enough is enough

TARA AND BEN <3 <3 <3

When i saw the peter pan episode when christian said tara was special i was like..hmmm?? i do miss christian…………..but after the last episode (wont give anything away) i am officially a BEN/TARA shipper..finally tara has a good guy that is loyal and stable and not unpredictable like christian, she better not waste this opportunity because he is a GOOD guy and i feel like us girls always go for the bad boys cuz we like to fix things LOL…christian needs to date himself for a while and figure all of his stuff out..GO BEN!!!! :) :) there´s nothing wrong with just being happy, after what happened to him, hes an inspiration

Christian vs Ben

Tara/Christian: when they dance its magic, they’re so vulnerable together.  He literally frames Tara when they dance.

Tara/Ben: when they dance its really energetic and playful, but you see more strength and support from Ben..he’s more stable in a way.

will we ever see Tara/Ethan again?? I hope not he seems more older brother now, but he did say some lovely words to her when she was considering not staying at the academy after the accident.

p.s. Tara is a LUCKY girl

biggest life lesson

Though I will miss Sammie sssooo muuuuccchh bc he was the heart of the group..always loyal and heartfelt toward all of his friends..his death is just a reminder that we should live life to the fullest..”remember 1st year when we were at the barre, and now here we are about to conquer the world.” —-these last words at the end of the episode were the most powerful.

what a great series..cant wait for next week..and definitely cannot wait for next season.

p.s. grace is a B***H

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